Aegina is an island in the Saronic Gulf surrounded by Agistri, Methana, Troizina, Poros and Piraeus. It is the second largest in size, population and development island of Argosaronikos, and also an insular suburb of Piraeus. It has many important sites, such as the Temple of Aphea, Palaiochora, the remains of the temple of Ellanios Zeus, the prehistoric settlement of Kolona and the Archaeological Museum. Marathonas and Agia Marina are among the most popular beaches on the island.  A popular tourist attraction is also the impressive Monastery of Agios Nektarios. Aegina is also known for the successfully ran rural cooperatives, with the Aeginetan peanut being the most popular product. The island provides local busses, while the visitor may choose to have a tour of the town, by taking a ride in a traditional horse carriage.